Well, that escalated quickly

Lastly I remembered that I own a blog and figured out that writing new articles on it was not a trivial job. Thus began my journey on how to smooth and simplify the process to make it simplier for me to write new blog posts.

Let's Encrypt wildcard certificate on Gandi

Recently, Let’s Encrypt began issuing wildcard certificates using ACME v2. Wildcard certificates allow users to use the same SSL certificate for all the subdomains of a domain. That’s much more convenient that generating a separate certificate for each subdomain.

Live tweet map in France

Last week, I discovered the Twitter streaming API and was quite amazed by all the possible applications of this tool, such as in text mining or neural networks. This API allows developpers to access the real-time feeds of Twitter and even to filter them by keywords or locations, pretty much like in Person of Interest…

Reverse engineer a bluetooth headset

I recently had a discussion with a friend, and we talked about bluetooth headsets and he told me that on iOS devices, the remaining battery of the headset is shown as an icon in the notification bar.

A mailbox notifier with Arduino

My mailbox is located about 200 meters from my house and I must check for new mails every day. So I put my hands dirty and create an SMS notifier with Arduino.

Android runtime hacking with Xposed

I was wondering how the Android runtime was working and if we can hack it to make it execute custom code. It turns out that there is a tool that does the job for you, Xposed. It’s a framework that allows to tweak on-the-fly the Android runtime.

Zeroshell authentication

For my studies, I’m living in a student residence in Paris. The residence provides a free internet connection for each resident. However, in order to gain access to it, you must login each time you want to access Internet.